The Art Of Life – Fine Artists

We are professional Fine Artists and we specialize in custom designed, hand-painted Murals, Paintings, Portraits, and Mosaics. Over the past 20+ years, we have executed hundreds of works of art for an equal number of well-pleased clients. Our work can be found on everything from the sides of buildings, to the altars of churches, to buses, helicopters, hospitals, homes, and on an untold number of walls, ceilings, and floors.

Murals: We can paint Murals at any size, at any height, and in any location. While we are based in Rhode Island, we are ready, willing, and able to travel anywhere on assignment.Visit our Murals page for more information.

Paintings: Paintings of any subject matter can be commissioned in oil or acrylic on canvas. All sizes are available. To see examples of our work, be sure to check out our Paintings page to see a series of stunning Rhode Island seascapes. Fine Art Prints are available in a variety of sizes, and in a variety of media.

Portraits: Our painted portraits capture not only your loved one’s unique appearance, but also their personality! Every detail – even the most minute – is included and faithfully reproduced in a genuine work of art that you will enjoy for a lifetime! Visit Charles C. Clear’s portrait page to see portraits painted on canvas, and visit Bonnie Turner’s portrait page to see beautiful portraits painted in pastel and hand-crafted in mosaic.

Mosaics: Our custom designed, hand-crafted Mosaics carry on the ancient art – with a contemporary flair! Lyrical abstracts flow in eye-pleasing melodies through every work. Even Portraits and Pastiches sing with a joy and an energy that is undeniable. Each Work of Art begins with a single piece of tile, and little by little, piece by piece, in a labor intensive and often painstaking process, forms of line and color coalesce into rhythms of visual delight. Be sure to see the ‘Living Water’ mosaic that we created for the altar of St. Agatha’s Church in Woonsocket, Rhode Island!

Interested in commissioning a work of art? We would be happy to meet with you to find out more about what you have in mind, and discuss the many wonderful possibilities for your Mural, Painting, Portrait, or Mosaic. Call or email us with any questions, comments, or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Charles C. Clear III & Bonnie Lee Turner