Adorable Girl Pastel Portrait, 22″ x 28″, Pastel on Paper, 2011
by Bonnie Lee Turner

This Adorable Girl Pastel Portrait is of a beautiful little girl named Ashlei. She has a beaming smile, and pretty eyes that radiate a boundless joy – a joy that nimbly and sweetly recommends itself upon our gentle senses. Sunlight fills her golden hair like fields of wheat in Heaven, then filters softly upon her delicate cheeks, where rose and magenta blend seamlessly with hues of orange and blue. Ashlei’s bright yellow shirt is resplendent against the brilliant blue sky, as though a million daffodils bloomed simultaneously.

Here in the Springtime of her life, with all her beauty and joy and hope and promise, Ashlei shines like the prettiest flower in the garden, and reminds us of the treasure that is childhood.

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Bonnie Lee Turner


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