Bedside Vigil Oil Painting, 16" x 20 ", Oil on Canvas, 1996, by Artist Charles C. Clear III

Bedside Vigil Oil Painting
16″ x 20″, Oil on Canvas, 1996
by Charles C. Clear III

Bedside Vigil Oil Painting is an apt title for this carefully constructed portrait. It features an elderly obese woman who is clearly anxious and white-knuckled with worry. She’s sitting at the deathbed of her mother, who is partially visible in the upper right hand corner. From the opposite corner of the painting white light is pouring in through an unseen window. These two corners serve as the framework to represent life and death. The woman is caught in between the two, and the dividing line – both literally and figuratively – is her dark brown cane which rests upon the hospital bed. Note that this vertical stabilizer is actually closer to the woman in the chair, and therefore her fear is rooted as much in the awareness of her own mortality as it is in the impending loss of her mother.

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Charles C. Clear III

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