Block Island Mural, 8’5″ x 7’6″, 2012
Treatment Room, Pediatric Heart Center, Providence, Rhode Island
by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

Painted in a treatment room at The Pediatric Heart Center in Providence, Rhode Island, this Mural features a view of the southern shore of Block Island.  Its magnificent Mohegan Bluffs rise 185 feet from the beach below, and seem to glow with hues of gold, yellow, and violet in the warm summer sun. Resting atop the Bluffs is the historic Southeast Lighthouse, which stands majestically on a bed of green. Overhead clouds dance in a soothing sky, and to the right, the waters of the Atlantic sparkle like a blue gemstone. If you listen closely you can almost hear the waves breaking against the distant shore…

Completed in May of 2012, this Mural gives patients and their families, staff, and visitors plenty to see, and provides a welcome respite from the stress of an examination.

This was the first of two murals that we painted at The Pediatric Heart Center. Months later, they asked us back and we painted a Zoo Mural in another treatment room.

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