Catholic Coat of Arms Mosaic, 21" x 24", Glass Tile Mosaic, 2007, St. Agatha's Church, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, by Artist Bonnie Lee Turner

Catholic Coat of Arms Mosaic
21″ x 24″, Glass Tile Mosaic, 2007
St. Agatha’s Church, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
by Bonnie Lee Turner and Charles C. Clear III

Coat of Arms are intended to convey essential information about a person or a place. Catholic Churches continue this medieval custom of heraldry and attribute a Coat of Arms to every diocese and archdiocese in the world.

This Mosaic is located at the entrance to the rectory of St. Agatha’s Church in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. St. Agatha’s provided us with a very specific design for this Mosaic, which is meticulously detailed in light of its relatively small size.

This Mosaic commission immediately followed our creation of the ‘Living Water’ Mosaic on the floor surrounding the baptismal font on the altar of St. Agatha’s.

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