Elderly Woman Oil Painting, 12 ” x 16″, Oil on Canvas, 2006, by Artist Charles C. Clear III

Elderly Woman Oil Painting
12 ” x 16″, Oil on Canvas, 2006
by Charles C. Clear III

This Elderly Woman Oil Painting features an old Italian woman named Vera stringing Christmas lights in the cold December air. The painted portrait captures not only her likeness, but also her activity – which can be just as unique as the lines on your face or the color of your hair. Every year – for more decades than anyone could remember – this woman would put on her trademark brown coat and march out onto her small, carefully manicured lawn with a box of old Christmas lights.

Just picture the scene: The December sky was always whitish-grey. The leaves had long since fallen from the trees. And in the cold, there was a stillness in the air – nothing was moving, and there wasn’t a sound to be heard….except for this woman’s barely audible grunts and gasps as she pushed against the hedge, trying to string these gigantic blue bulbs as the branches scratched against her brown jacket.

Life is full of these small, perfect moments. The key is to recognize them when they happen.

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Charles C. Clear III

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