‘Oscar Party’ Mural, 50′ x 8′, 2006
Private Residence, Lincoln, Rhode Island

“Oscar Party ” is a Mural that covers all the walls in a high-end home theater, and features a wide variety of movie stars – many of whom have won Academy Awards – mingling at an after-Oscar party.

The home theater Mural contains approximately 80 portraits of celebrities, spanning some seven decades of Hollywood history. Some of the early stars were painted in black and white, both for dramatic effect and also so that they would appear as they are remembered. In that regard, most of the movie stars in the mural appear in character – in the role that made them famous.

In addition to painting the movie stars, we also marbleized the all of the columns between the panels, as well as the large entryway.

This home theater Mural was completed in the summer of 2006, and is packed with remarkable portraits, meticulous detail, and a wonderful sense of humor.

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Home Theater Mural by The Art Of Life