Providence Skyline Mural, 20′ x 4′, 2012
Rhode Island Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Center
by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

This Providence Skyline Mural is extremely detailed! For a hand painted architectural Mural, it captures all of the distinctive features in the skyline of Providence, Rhode Island. The view is looking north from the Point Street Bridge, and it shows the buildings nestled along the banks of the Providence River.

Commissioned by Lifespan Inc., the Providence Skyline Mural was painted on two approximately 10′ panels in The Art Of Life studio, then installed at the Diagnostic Imaging Center in the Main Building of Rhode Island Hospital in December of 2012. The mural is located in a well traveled hallway, which means that viewers will see the artwork at very close range. The close proximity of the viewers meant that every detail in the mural…every brush stroke…had to be perfect! Note the multitude of windows, the reflections in the glass, the warmth of the sun on the stone and steel…

Providence Skyline Mural painted for the Rhode Island Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Center by Artists Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner of The Art Of Life

For Rhode Island residents, the buildings that comprise the Providence Skyline are as familiar to us as family members. We’ve seen them for decades – from every angle, and in every light source – and so in that sense painting these buildings is as much like painting portraits as it is an architectural rendering.

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The Art Of Life

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