Storybook Childrens Nursery Mural, Approximately 6′ x 15′
Private Residence, Glocester, Rhode Island
by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

Storybook Childrens Nursery Mural is a Mural that turns two walls of a nursery into a giant open children’s book!

The Nursery Mural features a pastiche of two paintings by Maxfield Parrish – the homeowner’s favorite artist. Also included is an illuminated letter ‘O’ which starts a short story featuring the name of the baby, and also the names of his two cousins. Framing each side are the lightly shadowed pages of the children’s book, which at the homeowner’s request we kept the same color as the rest of the room – save for the dark line of the cover, which complements the dark wood furniture.

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