‘Superman!’ Mural, 6′ x 8′
Private Residence, Cranston, Rhode Island

Superman! Painted larger than life in a boys bedroom, this mural has Superman crashing through the slanted ceiling, which serves to dramatically heighten the visual impact.

Painting this mural was a bit difficult because the ceiling was slanted at a 45 degree angle – which puts your neck in a tilted back, uncomfortable position for an extended period of time. Add to that the semi-rough texture of the surface, and some bad lighting, and even a simple mural like this can become a bit of a challenge!

And one more thing: Some people may wonder why we, as fine artists, would include children’s murals on our website. As we see it, every client is important, and every project matters. To us this little boy is just as important as our wealthy, distinguished clients, or the big corporations, or the high-profile public art jobs. The key is to always do your very best, and make each and every client happy!

If you would like a Mural of your child’s favorite Superhero painted in your home, contact us today!

The Art Of Life

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