Living History Historical Mural painted on the side of a building in Bellows Falls, Vermont by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner of The Art Of Life

Living History Vermont Historical Mural, 30′ x 30′, 2000
Painted on side of building in Bellows Falls, Vermont
by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Turner

Bellows Falls is a picturesque small town in southeastern Vermont. The town is nestled by the Connecticut River to the east, and it’s surrounded by mountains. It is in many ways the quintessential New England town.

In the summer of 2000, we were asked to paint a historically accurate Mural on the side of an old brick building in Bellows Falls. The mural would feature the town at the turn of the twentieth century. To create the design for this mural, we researched early historical photographs in the archives of the local library.

The historical mural was commissioned by the Rockingham Arts and Museum Project, or R.A.M.P, a non-profit arts organization headquartered in Bellows Falls. The mural was funded by a variety of individuals and organizations, including the Vermont Arts Council, the Windham Foundation, the Vermont Community Foundation, the Town of Rockingham, and Ben & Jerry’s – makers of the world’s greatest ice cream.

We painted the approximately 30′ x 30′ historical mural on a rough brick surface in less than one months time, and the Mural quickly became a landmark for the town.

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